Kina’muanej Knjanjiji’naq mut ntakotmnew tli’lnu’ltik (In the Foreign Language, Let us Teach our Children not to be Ashamed of Being Mi’kmaq)

Ashley Julian, Ida Denny


Colonialism has assimilated and suppressed Indigenous languages across Turtle Island ( North America). A resurgence of language is needed for First Nation learners and educators and this resurgence is required if Indigenous people are going to revitalize, recover and reclaim Indigenous languages. The existing actions occurring within Indigenous communities contributing to language resurgence include immersion schools. Eskasoni First Nation opened its doors in September 2015 to a full immersion school separate from the English speaking educational centers. This move follows the introduction of Mi'kmaq immersion over ten years earlier within the English speaking school in the community. The Mi’kmaw immersion school includes the Ta’n L’nuey Etl-mawlukwatmumk Mi’kmaw Curriculum Development Centre that assists educators in translating educational curriculum from the dominant English language to Mi’kmaq. In this paper, stories are shared about the Eskasoni immersion program’s actions towards language resurgence through a desire-based lens, based on rich narratives from three Mi’kmaw immersion educators.


Mi’kmaq language immersion; immersion schools; language resurgence

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