An Analysis of Research on Constructivist Teacher Education

  • Julie Rainer Dangel Dept. ECE Georgia State University
Keywords: constructivism, Teacher Education, preservice teachers


This review of research (1990 to 2009) on constructivist teacher education synthesizes a growing but fragmented body of research and links it to practice in teacher education; it provides a guide for future research, program development, and policy and practice development which is consistent with empirical evidence.  It includes a selection of 27 studies on preservice efforts; efforts which include programs, courses, and field experiences.  First, an analysis of the research suggests a variety of effects from both short- and long-term experiences.  Effects are identified in two categories: (a) conceptual understandings (with three subcategories: understanding of content, pedagogy, and the self as learner) and (b) classroom practice.  Then, based on the findings, six mediatory experiences are suggested that facilitate preservice teachers’ growth.  Finally, the studies are assessed using a framework (Darling Hammond, 2006) to determine gaps in the research.

Keywords: constructivism; Teacher Education; preservice teachers